What is Cost Compare?

Why would you pile kids in a car, waste office time trolling for individual websites or waste expensive fuel running all over the city to find prices for items when generally you know what you want and what your budget is? Cost compare allows you search through 1000's of quality controlled businesses and send up to 5 direct quote requests and get a quick answer on what you need almost immediately.

For our customers

  • Completely 100% FREE to use
  • Quick & Simple access to competitive prices
  • Quotes emailed direct to your device
  • Check out business feedback & reputation before you request the quote (best at the top)
  • Refer good quoters / businesses through feedback to others
  • Quality businesses on directory (bad feedback diminishes listings)
  • Easy to navigate
  • Obligation FREE Quotes every time!

Our business listing show a feedback number so you know that they can be trusted, they are encouraged to respond as soon as possible in order to get your business and if they get good feedback their business listing will go higher in their category to attract more quotes and more business to them.

Cost Compare is more than an online business directory, we are a community of endorsed businesses that you can safely expect to get timely, efficient, affordable, quality and affordable quotes and solutions from. Businesses from which we receive complaints or bad feedback may lose their listing and be unable to readvertise on our site.

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Imagine opening up your email every morning with 5 or ten more 'warm leads' or 'quotes' waiting for you in your inbox… Sounds good doesn't it? Well, it is possible. You can save money on telemarketers, sales executives, training, flyer drops, attending networking functions and even save on your marketing spend by letting us do the hard work for you. Simply focus on converting our leads in to sales, that is, win the quote and do the work. It really can be that easy!

  • Basic Business Listing FREE
  • Generate new sales leads without leaving your desk
  • List your business as a priority provider and attract more clients
  • Positive feedback increases your listing in your category for FREE
  • See how many quotes you have received & watch your business grow
  • Your 24/7 online "extra" sales team working for you while you sleep
  • Advertise your brand nationally to a wider audience
  • Get ahead of your competitors advertising, with good feedback
  • Challenge your competitors to beat you on price, quality & service
  • FREE income streaming opportunity for some businesses
  • Target your marketing spend more effectively
  • Challenge your sales team to generate more warm leads than we do!

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