Advertise your business on and drive more customers to your business, 24 hours a day, even while you sleep.

Expand your advertising reach and banding presence with a display banner (with click through hyperlink) directly to your business. You can choose from vertical banner search advertising, horizontal banner search advertising, business page advertising or content and newsletter advertising.

Vertical Banner Search Advertising

Gain maximum exposure for your business in front of local customers searching for your services, products or vouchers. Our vertical rectangle banners (240x400px) are positioned on the right hand side of the website and pop up right next to the enquiry form when you request a quotation.

Horizontal Banner Search Advertising

Our horizontal pop-under banners (720x300px) are positioned at the base of the website and pop up right underneath the enquiry form when you request a quotation and when customers do a search.

Business Page Advertising

Gain maximum exposure for your business by utilizing your business page advertising space effectively. When you register your business and list your products, services and coupons you will also receive your very own personalised business page. This is your private page where you can expand on, advertise and market other aspects of your business. All your products will show up here so that quick purchases can be made.

Using this space will help you to be seen as the service provider of choice in your local area. The prominence and frequency of this area being seen by your prospective clients will help you gain the maximum possible exposure in front of a targeted audience who are searching specifically for your services.

As the business owner you have the first right to use this real estate space for extra banners and advertising but from time to time we may have category sponsors who request to advertise on your page some simular or complimentary products.

Social Media, Newsletter Content & other Marketing Opportunities

Sometimes website visitors are just doing their preliminary research and are in the initial stages of looking to see who’s who and how much things cost. At, we encourage prospective customers to ask questions and we invite our advertisers to provide online brochures, information sheets and other industry relevant materials that we can post up, not only to the website and link them back to your business, but we will include some of the information contained in them, in our social media and email marketing campaigns to further promote your business in

Advertisers can then position their business in front of a potentially warm prospect who is researching products or services relevant to their business. Any content (informational) topics provided to us are placed into various categories so that we can target materials effectively. We do limit however the number of sponsors per topic but will occasionally link back to service providers advertising on at the base of the article.

When a site visitor reads an article listed in a category topic, your business products are featured within the article text and links back to your premium leads or business advantage business listing can be featured within the article also.

The articles may be made available on the website itself as well being used in our social media marketing campaigns, email marketing campaigns, public relations documentation and even used in other social media forums. If you do not have items that are content ready our team can create articles that appeal to your target market and can assist you by creating opportunities for you and your growing business.

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